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Windows 10 Review – All About Windows 10


Windows 10 review – The pros and the cons of using windows 10 operating system.

It took roughly more than 30 years for Microsoft to come up with the mind blowing operating system which is windows 10. we would be making a windows 10 review tell you all about windows 10 .

With the answer to the cry of the windows start menu in windows 8 people come to think of it…. I get a feeling sometimes that windows 10 is the new windows 7 with so many improvements on security user friendliness performance, great value for money good build quality and addition of better features on the windows operating systems

Given that windows 10 is free for most users and embodies itself with new apps and features, we would be looking at this features and explain why they are worth having in our windows 10 review

windows 10 review : all about windows 10
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Windows 10 is currently free in the market to all and everyone can upgrade freely to windows 10, all they just have to do is to have a well running system which have a windows 7 or windows 8.1 operating system and a data connection …. Depending on the speed of your network you will get your windows 10 in matter of some time.

Another option is to download from Microsoft site the windows 10 operating system and install into your computer.

Windows 10 Review : ABOUT WINDOWS 10

In 2014 Microsoft started with the announcement of the operating system preview, setting all to have high expectation Microsoft technical team, we expected the next generation of operating system but no one knew that they would be calling it windows 10, we all thought that the new operating system would be coming with a new name. But not taking it away here is windows 10: the next OS for PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and servers.

Microsoft said they built the windows 10 operating system looking at the world of mobile and cloud computing. They wanted to make an ideal operating system for desktop users and a well optimized OS for touch. They looked at a user friendly operating system and not to forget windows 10 has the same interface on devices with different screen sizes. In a statement released by Microsoft that there is one product family, one platform and one store for all.

After the comprised reaction form windows user on the release of windows it I must say windows 10 was a better one, because it was the most beta-tested product Microsoft ever released having a total of 4 million users around the world testing it before its release.

But with all said it does not mean it is the perfect operating system, some people still complain of issues like the forced updating, the new start menu and the fact the control panel is different form the settings app. But that been said new app and new features makes it worth upgrading to.

With all that been said Microsoft seems to be planning on making a platform that would allow developing app that would all developers the chance to develop application that would run on windows and windows mobile with android and IOS been looked at as well. Microsoft looks set to buy XAMARIN which will help see that this comes true.


The start menu that was lost in windows 8 which entailed users to download third party application to allow them that privilege has been brought back which comprise of mostly integrated Microsoft applications and software’s.

It was really improved that it may even make windows apps more useful. by the left you will see a list of your frequently used apps. At the bottom we see an ‘All apps’ shortcut, shortcuts to File Explorer and Settings and conveniently shut down and standby with the windows 8 startup screen retained on the right, this is still resizable and can be rearranged it to suit your need.

The full screen of the start menu is mostly meant for tablets, but you can use it on screen and laptops with touchscreen if you love it.

And it allows the idea of not just using the app shortcut but also the use of title pining. That is users can pin the title of a particular email conversation within apps. Which makes life much better because it would allow you to pin the right stuffs.


On like windows 8 where the search box was hidden, windows 10 keeps it in front and center on the taskbar. It is very nice because it will be ready to get you what you need to know or what you looking for.

Pretty much the first time you click on box, you will get a prompt to enable Cortana. That is because this and search are much one and the same in windows 10. It is in fact a virtual assistant.

You could call the Cortana on by just saying “Hello Cortana” which would save you the time of typing and it would get the items you need by you just mentioning it best to say you wish is Cortana’s command.

If you search for a particular keyword it would return a matching list of apps, settings and files, and if you are connected online it would show you a list app on windows store.

Almost all features of the windows mobile have been integrated into windows 10 as you could as Cortana to tell you what the weather this weekend would be like and it would tap into the weather forecast for that date and give you an answer

It also has the ability to remind you at the appropriate time to do a particular thing. Example it could remind you to fill in your tax return, to remind you to ask James about the money he owes you and also remind you of a specific time and place.

Cortana show the latest news, news and displays live scores and if you give it the access to your mail it will could tell you about flight delays if there is any.

Cortana has the ability to set alarms, play specific music, launch apps to mention but a few. I think this is where Microsoft really got it right.

Microsoft replaced the favorite button with a quick access list making it easier to find your previously used folders and files.

About Task View, virtual desktops, Alt-Tab

Windows 10 comes with a new icon just after the search box. Once you click on this icon it will open a task view. It’s a lot like that display on windows 8 when you press Alt+Tab. You can still use Alt+Tab in windows 10 only that the task view is viewed in windows 10 using Win+Tab.

Another new feature is the virtual desktop which most windows users have craved for on previous versions of the windows operating system only to have to use a third party software. Right now it’s now easier to setup the virtual desktop as it is just one button away from you. Just a click and you can connect to a new desktop where you can launch your new applications.

You can then easily switch between desktop by using the Ctrl+Win+left cursor or Ctrl+Win+right cursor.


Unlike with its former version windows 8, where a snapped app covers half the screen – on windows 10 four app can be snapped, each occupying a quarter. When you’ve snapped an app, the snap assistant app will quickly pull a list of other app that are open so you can fill up the remaining quarter of the screen.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft did announce that windows 10 will be coming with the edge browser which allow you the ability to receive Facebook notifications on your action center.

This new web browser in Windows 10 offers some new features. A reading mode which focus on the content.

Windows Media Centre – Is gone

Yes, it’s true the windows media center that allowed windows users the ability to play videos and music and watch photos which could also handle TV tuners and play DVD has been removed. This is not a major backlash on this OS.

So if your device has the Tv tuner ability I think you should stick to windows 7.

Music, Movies & TV

But Microsoft came with a new app they call Music and Movies & TV. The app allows you to rent videos and much from Microsoft store.

Photos app allows you the ability to view photos in a good viewing interface and also lets you the chance to edit and get image form OneDrive. The old windows app is still available in case if you still like the app.


Well it’s bad that Microsoft did not incorporate this into their list of application preinstalled in the operating system


Maps have been improved very well by Microsoft as they have added street views just like google.

The cons of windows 10 operating system

Settings / Control Panel

With both the setting and the control panel been included into the operating system it brings confusion as to which to use it would have been nicer if they did keep one forgetting the other

Forced updates

Yeah that’s right probably most of you have noticed that. Windows 10 forces users to install updates which includes both security and driver updates which is really good and bad at the same time.

Windows 10 review: security

To be since among all the operating systems designed by Microsoft, I must say that windows 10 have a better performance against virus.

Windows 10 Review : OUR VERDICT

Since the operating system is free I see no reason why everyone should not upgrade to windows 10 and given the quick access to get so many things done with the nice integration on both windows and mobile operating system, but if you still have some things you need on other operating system by Microsoft that is not here on windows 10 then it would be better to stick to that version.

Else windows 10 is a smart OS for smart people, would I recommend it to all? yes

Would I recommend it to a novice? yes and as a matter of fact it works on both phone and tablet, so dear follow the moving trend

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