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Smart Phone Buying Tips – Things You Need To Know


Smart Phone Buying Tips – Things You Need To Know – Android which is now nearly eight years old has been on the market since its release in September 23, 2008 and currently now occupy 65.85% on the Mobile/Tablet Operating System market share is an operating system owned and developed by the American company; Google based on the Linux Kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

When reading the specifications of android phones, there are some features you will observe which describes a range of functionalities that the phone can perform. A few of these features and their functionalities will be discussed.


  • THE CAMERA : Smart Phone Buying Tips

The picture quality of an image is determined by the pixel resolution. A pixel is a unit of digital resolution. Image resolution is simply the dimension of the image. The higher the resolution of an image the better the quality of the image. An image with resolution 1200 by 2500 has a total of 3000000pixes = 3megapixels. Same thing goes for dpi or ppi which is a measure of the picture density. The physical size of a picture can let one work out how many pixels are squeezed into one square inch. That’s our pixel per inch figure. These two variables affect the camera quality so for picture lovers, a smart phone with high MEGAPIXELS (say 8 and above) and ppi should be what you need to be on the lookout for.

  • DISPLAY : Smart Phone Buying Tips

Smartphone display terminologies can be a little overwhelming. When we talk about screens we normally talk about four key things, the display type, the diagonal measurement of the screen (in inches), definition and resolution (pixel density). There are many display types used in smartphones; LCD, PPS, TFT, OLED, AMOLED, SUPER AMOLED, Retina and so on. Measurement of the screen is in inches and can be done by placing a ruler diagonally on your screen, so when before you purchase a phone and read the spec on the size you will know what to expect. The definition can HD, full HD, etc. These are just a measure of the screen resolution which will determine the kind of image and video the screen can display

  • BATTERY : Smart Phone Buying Tips

Mobile phones run on a variety of different batteries depending on the phone maker, its size, shape and features. The major type of battery technology is Lithium Ion which allows for high incredibility charge capacity relative to the size and weight of the battery. What one should be on the lookout for is the battery capacity measured in mAh, the higher your battery capacity the longer your battery life.

  • VERSION OF ANDROID : Smart Phone Buying Tips

This might not be considered for many users because the version of android OS (ROM) on many android smart devices now are from 4.4.2 and above and most users can upgrade to the latest version if that version have been officially released for their mobile device through there OTA update or unofficially through other vendors who are ROM developers. The various version of ROM that can be considered are as follows

  1. 1 – 4.3.2(jellybean)
  2. 4 – 4.4.4(kit kat)
  3. 0 – 5.1.1(lollipop)
  4. 0 – 6.0.1(Marshmallow)
  5. Android 7.0(android nougat) that is yet to be released into the market.

NOTE: The versions that are listed below are the once we feel are nice to use for any one expect you are a tech freak like me who wants the android the marshmallow or the android nougat.

  • CPU AND RAM : Smart Phone Buying Tips

The CPU(Processor) gives a measure of how fast operations can be carried out on your phone which is measured in frequency(Hz). The number of cores on the CPU is also another important speed factor. So higher frequencies and more cores should be what you are on the lookout for.

RAM which simply means Random Access Memory tells us the amount of memory allocated for applications to run on the operating systems. It has a direct line to the CPU. More RAM means more applications that can run simultaneously. A minimum of 1GB RAM will be advised when buying a smart phone especially when heavy applications will run on it.

  • STORAGE : Smart Phone Buying Tips

Storage has both the inbuilt internal memory and the slot for external storage which can be extended to a particular point. More storage means for space to store stuff and that’s about it.

  • CONNECTIVITY AND FEATURES : Smart Phone Buying Tips

The major form of connectivity in vogue now is the wireless connectivity on android phones consist mainly of mobile hotspot, Bluetooth, NFC, wifi and 3G.

Mobile hotspot tethering allows user to share network with other users via wifi, so they work pari passu.

Bluetooth technology is already a popular one and it has different versions, going for a higher version will give you a better experience.

NFC which is short for Near Field communication is another a wireless technology which makes use of electromagnetic fields instead of typical direct radio transmission like in Bluetooth.

3G which is third generation mobile communication standard gives you better and high speed data access. So 4G definitely mean better experience.

These basic things are at the very least information that every smart phone user should have idea of to ensure get a better user experience.

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