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How to Sign Pdf Document on Macbook


We are in the digital age, with the advent of smart phone, and smart applications thing has to change, in this post I will be showing you how to sign PDF document using the preview application that is integrated in macbook.

It worthy of note that mac os could do this as well. With the preview application integrated with mac os one can sign pdf documents and still perform so other actions on it.

It worthy to also note that one can sign signature on pdf document on mac book with the use of track pad. Apple excellent trackpad integration allows such feature to be possible so that one can use one of your finger to draw your signature into the preview.

You can also use the means of webcam to get your signature into the preview, if you like it that way.

In other to get this done follow the following steps

  1. click on the show markup tool button
  2. click on the sign button on the tool bar that will appear
  3. then click on the signature to capture a signature
  4. if you select trackpad option you would have to sign with your finger on the macbook trackpad so the preview application can capture the signature into the form

how to sign pdf document using webcam on macbook

  1. follow step 1, 2 and three
  2. if you select camera option, you would have to sign the signature on a plain paper and keep it close to the webcam to get the signature.
  3. Click on save file and buya we are done.

So you can see that from all that is listed here one could sign his signature using the trackpad which is meant for navigation on the macbook.

You can CLICK HERE to read more on how to sign pdf document on any device you have. don’t forget to share to other.

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