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Laptop Buying Essentials – Tips to Buying a Good Laptop


Tips to buying a good laptop – Technology trend is moving from the miniaturization and lower cost; laptop is one of the trends in the technology market it is portable to carry around yet have the processing power to do all you want it to do. In as much as smart phones and tablets are taking over the market people still realize that they cannot still do without a laptop why because when you need to type your term paper and play some confiscated video game you will have to resort to using a laptop.

In this post I will be giving tips to buying a good laptop that is perfect for you. What do you need to know before you buy a laptop?

Essential Tips to Buying a Good Laptop

  1. Chose an operating system of your choice

Which of the operating system are you familiar with, can use better said proficient in. this has a lot to do with the laptop you want to buy so make a right choice about which operation system the laptop will be coming with.

Do you need Windows, Chrome OS or Mac OS X? your choice to make. Remember choice the one you are conversant in.

  1. Decide if you need 2-1 “two in on” laptop

Yeah you head me say it 2 in 1 laptop, here you have the leverage to switch the laptop from a tablet that is only screen and use the touch feature or you can attach the keyboard to a hinge created to allow you attach a keyboard to the screen and make it a full pledged laptop.

NOTE: if you decide on the two in one laptop you should buy the bendable once than the detachable brethren as they have better battery life.


  1. Make your choose on the screen size you want

Before you start checking the price of a laptop and it’s spec it is advised you check the size of the screen as this will decide for you how portable the laptop is going to be.

11-12 inch this range of laptop are the thinnest and small in nature

13-14 inch are actually the portable among all the screen ranges available

15 inch is usually the most known among all the ranges but it is not that portable par say.

17 – 18 inch this is the largest range only should be considered if you are going to be conveying it with another machine that is not attached to you (lol).


  1. Keyboard space and Track pad.

People might neglect this particular point but the truth be said why have a laptop you struggle to type with, one should consider a laptop that gives you 1-2 mm space in-between keys.

Also look at a good and responsive track pad except if you have in mind to buy an external mouse.


  1. Look at the battery life

This is one serious aspect you should consider because any mistake, because any made here you will be looking for places to put your laptop to charger them.


  1. Mind your brand of choice

Yeah you should consider all brand and the support they have for that particular laptop online as this will help you in the future when you hit any block in using your laptop.

Brands to consider HP, DELL, APPLE, TOSHIBA, MICROSOFT to mention but a few.


  1. Look at your budget

It is also advisable to consider your budget. Will you buy what you don’t have the money or can’t afford so it is advised you buy within your budget as except in your area a particular brand allow you to buy laptop and pay in installment.

Price range (will vary depending on your countries exchange rate )

$130-$260 this is the least of laptops you can buy.

$300-$600 you can buy a good laptop with 500gig hard disk and a core i5 processor.

$600-$900 you can get premium laptops with good metal finish on the body including other designs.

$900 and above at this you get a laptop that is too fast, too reliable bet me the best laptops are always at this price range.

  1. Consider the spec of the laptop : Tips to buying a good laptop

Yeah I intentionally saved the last for the best. The specification of this laptops should be considered as this will give you the worth of your money and what you actually want to use this laptop.

Specification Tips to buying a good laptop; Things to consider are as follows:



Permanent storage capacity


Graphic chip (check if the system has a dedicated graphic memory as they are the best)

Dvd/Blu-ray drive

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