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iPhone 7 : Everything you Need to Know About iPhone 7


iPhone 7 – A picture of the iPhone 7 was leaked to the public and xiscotech chose to be anonymous about the whole situation, but from the rumor of that was released, iPhone plan on coming with a denser lens, a new color for their phone but the color is yet to be confirmed which they have choose, and they plan on ditching the 3.55mm ear piece jack and wanting to make 32G the maximum storage.

Apple have this culture that after they release a particular phone variant, it would be below expectation at the first point of release because somethings would not be incorporated into the mobile phone, only to release the S-variant of that particular phone to be better than that which they have released earlier thereby causing a shift in the smart phone market.

leaked iphone 7 image
leaked iphone 7 image

This is a video on everything you need to know about the iPhone 7 for now.

On like what happened when the iPhone 6s was released which people where not trilled because the only thing that was incorporated into the phone was the 3D touch technology and not more, apple should be thinking of getting something better into the market with there new phone.

So we are expecting the iPhone 7 in a few weeks’ time and when it is release it should better be coming with tons of new feature to wow the iPhone freaks and the general market and a new design to it.


iphone 7 design concept
iphone 7 design concept

Release date of iPhone 7

It’s a tradition that iPhone release most of their smart phone into the market September so there is great possibility that it would be released into the market September,2016 or even earlier than that. the reason for this is that the iOS 10 would also be released that same month.

Price of  iPhone 7

The price this year might wow people as apple do not want to change the price of the iPhone even when they increased another variant of the phone form 16 GIG to 32GIG. so you would be getting the same phone with different storage capability at the same price. Tell me which would you go for (lol).

Price range of iPhone 7

US Dollars: 649

Pounds: 539 (the price here might change because of BREXIT)

Australian Dollars: 1079

Nigerian Naira: 194,700 (The price here will vary because of fluctuating exchange rate.)

watch out for the release and all the updates .

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