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How to Sign PDF Document using Adobe Reader DC


How to sign PDF document – Have you been in a position where you have to sign a pdf document sent for you by someone or an application form you need to sign, the obvious thing done by many is to print the document, sign on them with their pen or biro and then scan the document and send to the right recipient. so we would be showing you how to sign pdf document using adobe reader on windows machine

NOTE: with the below steps am about to give, one can fill in pdf document whether they are fillable or not, as well as type words and place them in position where they need them.

how to sign pdf document on Windows

Required Application: Adobe Reader DC

With adobe reader one sign pdf document with need to print, sign and scan the signature page.

With the below step one can sign pdf document with adobe reader

  1. Open the document you wish to sign
  2. Sometimes abode reader detects the signature field in your pdf document and ask you to open the sign pane but if it does not detect the sign field one can click on the sign pane at the top-right-corner.
  3. Click on the place signature option so that it would allow you to sign you real signature.

Note: the other option that are placed there are not good enough because they will want you to add text, checkmarks or initials.

Place signatures allow you to sign your documents in the following ways,

  • Type my signature: here adobe reader ask you type in a word you want to use as your signature and then it will generate what looks like a signature for you.
  • Use a webcam: this is the best option as all you need to do is to sign your signature on plain paper and place it close to your webcam and adobe reader would capture it.
  • Draw my signature: with the aid of a mouse one can draw his or her signature on the pdf document but you need your hand to be steady and strong to get it correctly.
  • Use an image: this option requires the user to user to scan an image he/she wrote on piece of paper and then use the insert image option.

From all the option listed here using webcam is the best option for any one and adobe reader does not take a picture of your signature and place on your pdf document instead try to generate a clean replication of your signature.

  1. All you have to do is to place a signed signature close to your webcam, once a neat generation of the signature have been generated click on accept.
  2. Once your signature has been taken you can place it anywhere you want on the form or document.

Note: you only have to take your sign nature once; you can reuse them in the future

You can now save your document with as the save option from the file menu the only difference is that it would be saved with the dame file name but with –signed at the end of it.

you can click here to read on how to sign pdf documents using any device.


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