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Google Announces Android Nougat : About Android 7.0


Android Nougat (Android 7.0) – Xisco tech is pleased to confirm that android have announced its latest operating system which is the android 7.0( Android Nougat ) which is coming from the previous android 6.0.1 which is the marshmallow.

Previously google announced to the general public that they can aid in naming the new operating system which they are about to release but it was stated as well that they would have the final say on which name would be the superior among all the name suggested.

Among the name suggested to google android website include Nachos, Nectar, Naan, to mention but a few. The name that came first is Nougat which is now the name of the latest android operating system.

Android nougat is promising a lot to the general public we just pray that it lives up to the expectation of all the promise google android has made which include multi-window support, allowing android to download core level files and install them only after the device has been restarted.

You should keep up with the OTA update to know when your android nougat (android 7.0) is available for you that is if your device is eligible to receive this update.

Release date for android 7.0 nougat

The release date from what I have heard is around October which is always the month google release their latest operating systems but thing might change at any time but the time frame is not far.

Phones that are eligible for Android Nougat

  1. NEXUS 5X
  2. NEXUS 6P
  3. NEXUS 6
  4. NEXUS 9
  7. HTC 10
  8. HTC ONE M9
  9. HTC ONE A9

Note: even if your phone is not listed below you can hope on that your developer’s community would develop a non-official version for your device.

Features of Android Nougat

Based on my test with the beta version I must say the new version is really good performance wise it is really smooth to use. It incorporated the doze mode which is like stamina mode to help your phone stay on deep sleep and withstand its battery on standby

Video about Android Nougat


Are you not excited.

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